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Public Jupiter Swap API (V6)

Start interacting with Solana's Jupiter swap aggregator for free with a public API hosted by QuickNode.

By using the public API below, you consent to a 0.2% platform fee on all swaps created with the API.

Up to 10 requests/sec

80ms Latency or faster

Located in Ashburn, Virginia (US East region)

Running the latest version @ v6.0.21

The public Jupiter API has different rate limits, please consult their docs for more info.

569 IPs have been rate limited in the past 24hrs.

Scale without trading fees

Add the Jupiter V6 Swap API to your QuickNode account for:

No trading fees, just pay for the addon

Up to 1,000 requests/sec

24/7 dedicated customer support

Used by following organizations

You can verify this by looking at their open source repos on GitHub. Click a logo to see source code.

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